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    Handmade jewelry collection:

    Our jewelry is handmade by trained artisans in Montreal, Canada. Using precision, and exacting standards, the jewelers create with: stainless steel chain, ceramic beads, semi-precious stones, glass beads, nickel and lead-free custom designed pewter shapes, hypo-allergenic wires and earring clasps. All pieces play an important role in creating our jewelry. The artistry and quality make this collection unique.

    Tantalize your taste buds --- jewelry focusing on the senses with color groupings: savory, sweet, and spicy.

classic one-row braceletspiral braceletcharms bracelet on double link chainshort earringsmedium bead earringslong stainless steel chain earringslarge cluster pendantasymmetrical long necklaceasymmetrical short necklacechain extension - 10"
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